Complying with the 2019 SAR Cyber-Event Reporting Requirements

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As of Feb. 1, 2019, financial institutions must use the BSA suspicious activity report (SAR) to report certain cybercrimes and illicit cyber activities. This webinar will assist both IT personnel (what needs to be reported) and BSA personnel (how to report), as both have a role under the new requirements. A group effort is needed to provide appropriate, correct information to FinCEN. Attend this webinar to learn how to bring the efforts of both groups together to ensure accuracy and compliance.


  • What cyber issues need to be reported via a SAR?
  • How to complete the appropriate SAR sections to provide useful information
  • What needs to be done differently for this type of SAR?
  • The process of writing the “technical” narrative


  • The manual will provide a comprehensive set of instructions for completing all aspects of a SAR, with special emphasis on cyber issues
  • Employee training log
  • Quiz to measure staff learning and a separate answer key

Because this subject necessarily involves both the IT and BSA departments, it is recommended that they attend this webinar together. It will also benefit management and auditors.

ABOUT THE PRESENTERS – Bill Elliott, CRCM, & Mike Detrow, CISSP, Young & Associates, Inc.
Bill Elliott has over 40 years of banking experience. As a senior compliance consultant and manager of the compliance division with Young & Associates, Inc., Bill works on a variety of compliance-related issues, including leading compliance seminars, conducting compliance reviews, conducting in-house training, and writing compliance articles and training materials.

Bill’s career includes 15 years as a compliance officer and CRA officer in a large community bank, as well as working at a large regional bank. He has experience with consumer, commercial, and mortgage loans, and has managed a variety of departments, including loan review, consumer/commercial loan processing, mortgage loan processing, loan administration, credit administration, collections, and commercial loan workout. 

Mike Detrow is a senior consultant at Young & Associates, Inc. He manages their in-house IT needs and consults and conducts IT audits for clients. Mike served as an IT auditor for 8 years and was a network administrator for several community banks in Ohio and North Carolina. Most recently he served as Vice President of Information Technology for an Ohio community bank. Mike holds the designation of Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Originally recorded on May 31, 2019.

Recorded webinar is available until December 31, 2019.

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