WBA Managing Levies, Garnishments and Other Legal Process in Wisconsin Webinar

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Bankers who have the significant responsibility of responding to the receipt of legal process need to possess a detailed knowledge of applicable state and federal laws. Third parties routinely present financial institutions with claims against depositors’ funds in the form of garnishments, tax levies, unemployment compensation levies, child support levies and much more.  

This webinar will review recent changes related to federal benefit payments and provide you with a solid understanding of the legal requirements surrounding these various forms of legal process.    


  • Federal law prohibiting garnishment of federal benefit payments 
  • IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue tax levies
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development levies
  • Child support levies
  • Wisconsin law regarding inquiries on worthless checks
  • Wisconsin law regarding inquiries on suspected elder financial abuse
  • Limitations in the law on cost recovery for complying with legal process 


This webinar is designed for bank legal counsel, branch managers, operations staff, compliance officers and anyone who is responsible for responding to the receipt of levies, garnishments and other legal process. 


The registration fee for this webinar series is $275 plus tax. This registration fee provides one phone line connection, access to the webinar presentation and one-year access to the recorded, on-demand webinar. The webinar will consist of 90 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes for live questions and answers.

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Originally recorded on June 4, 2019.

The fee for this recorded webinar is $275 plus Tax. This registration fee includes one-year access to the On-Demand webinar.

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