BSA Officer Reports to the Board

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BSA officer reports are a critical tool that enables the board to effectively fulfill their BSA oversight responsibilities. It is imperative that these reports contain meaningful BSA information. What information should be included in these reports? How are effective reports developed and presented? How do you ensure the reports are clearly documented in the board minutes? This webinar will provide the answers to these questions and more. It will also provide a sample BSA officer report and address how to effectively report SAR filings to the board. This webinar is designed to strengthen the BSA officer’s reporting, so the board has the necessary information to fulfill its BSA fiduciary responsibilities!


  • BSA information to include in the report
  • What does the FFIEC BSA exam manual state about reporting BSA information to the board?
  • Incorporating changes and new developments into the BSA report
  • SAR reporting when the subject is a member of senior management or the board
  • Providing enough SAR information to fulfill the board’s fiduciary duties
  • Documenting BSA report presentations in board minutes


  • BSA sample board report
  • Sample board SAR notification form
  • Employee training log
  • Quiz you can administer to measure staff learning and a separate answer key

This informative session is designed for BSA/AML officers, directors, and senior management involved in BSA/AML.

PLEASE NOTE: The live webinar option allows you to have one telephone connection for the audio portion and one Internet connection (from a single computer terminal) to view online visuals as the presentation is delivered. You may have as many people as you like listen from your office speaker phone.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER – Molly Stull, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.
Molly Stull began her career as a teller while working on her undergraduate degree and has continued working in the financial industry ever since. She has experienced the growth of a hometown bank, acquisitions of branches, mergers, charter changes, name changes, etc. Molly has activated business resumption plans, performed secondary market quality control reviews, processed wires, filed SARs, and coordinated reviews with external auditors and examiners. Her favorite role has always been educating staff and strongly believes that if staff understands the reason for a process they will be more compelled to follow the procedures. Molly holds a Bachelor’s from the University of Akron and an MBA from Ashland University.

Originally recorded on December 20, 2018.

Recorded webinar is available until June 30, 2019.

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