WBA Becoming a Dementia Friendly Organization Webinar

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  • What is dementia and how you can recognize it in your customers
  • Tips on ways to communicate with customers who have memory loss or other symptoms of dementia.
  • How your bank can become Dementia Friendly.
  • Examples of 3 banks who became Dementia Friendly in Dane County and how they accomplished this.
  • How to protect your customers from fraud or financial abuse.
  • Resources where you can find out more and steps to becoming Dementia Friendly.

Joy Schmidt, Aging & Disability Resource Center
Bonnie Nuttkinson, Alzheimer’s Association
Jeffrey Supple, State Bank of Cross Plains
Maureen Lokrantz, US Bank|
Rhonda Lewis, River Valley Bank
Doreen Goetsch, Adult Protective Services, State of Wisconsin

Originally recorded on July 8, 2019.

Handout materials will be available for download within the webinar presentation window.